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Apple Mac Technical Support

Max Computing delivers Apple-focussed Consultancy and IT Support to small to medium businessschools and homes Australia-wide with a physical presence in Sydney and Melbourne.

Working with integrity, building relationships, achieving results.

Apple Consultants Network

Max Computing is part of the Apple Consultants Network
Our experienced consultants are Apple certified and offer quality tailored solutions to meet your IT needs.

Max Computing is highly experienced with implementing and supporting revolutionary Mac and iPad Point of Sale (POS) solutions such as Lightspeed, Vend and Kounta as well as core IT infrastructure products such as Kerio Connect mail serverOperator VoIP PBX and Control firewall.
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We are proud to be a part of the Buy1Give1 initiative.
By choosing Max Computing to deliver your Apple-focussed IT solutions you will be making a difference to those less fortunate around the world.

We make a point of ensuring you don't get lost in "IT-speak", communicating in easy-to-understand language in a friendly manner.

We are available for engagement on either a casual or regular (contract) basis.

Do you need help:
  • Streamlining haphazard patchwork systems to deliver current small business goals,
  • Understanding the importance and the best way you can backup your data,
  • Customising standard workstation images (building and deployment),
  • Software or hardware purchasing decisions,
  • Upgrading or configuring new servers,
  • Integrating macs in a windows server environment (or vice versa) or
  • Troubleshooting or installing Broadband / Wireless / Networking?
Are you experiencing:
  • Apple spinning gear on startup,
  • Freezes (pinwheel, beachball) unexpectedly,
  • Networking slowness and all around "spaghetti" cabling,
  • Network backups happening slowly or no backups at all, or
  • Generally unexplainable and weird things happening?

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Remote Support

For remote support, download the associated "helper application" below.

Please note: This service will incur a fee at the normal hourly rates.

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